Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Review by A Shopaholic's Den

Yay~! a review by A Shopaholic's Den =D
Thank you so much... (/ -3-)/ ~ *kisses*

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


*Special thanks to co-star: Mr. No-eyes Punk Rabbit*

Striking PINK

Striking Blue striking until you wanna shout "Hiyakk!!"

nice and good quality striking cotton material with stretchable band behind

Striking Pink Band (Item code: ma0020A)
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD

Striking Blue Band (Item code: ma0020B)
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item(s)

Stud Checkers Hana

*Special thanks to co-star: Mr. No-eyes Punk Rabbit*
wuuhuu...I like the pose !! Work it!! XD

Love the unique combinations of stud and checkers hana on a strippy band =)
Miss Arnab can't help to fall in love with this limited piece...

and now it was out for grab!!

Dear Arnab Lovers, click that mouse of yours and starts to order this one and only piece available here~!!

Stud Checkers Hana (Item code: ma0019)
Highlights: Limited piece from supplier in GOOD quality
Price: RM30
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

Smiley Stars

*Special thanks to co-star: Mr. No-eyes Punk Rabbit*

Funky starry hair band with a smiley face on it
even our co-star is loving it so much XD

Miss Arnab too is a fan of Smiley Stars

Smiley Stars (Item code:ma0018)
Highlights: Rare piece from supplier in GOOD quality
Price: RM30
Status: Available

Non-restockable Item

Coming Up Next: Bands On The Head

Guaranteed hand picked by Miss Arnab and some of them are LIMITED creation from the supplier !!
Coming soon in Miss Arnab for you to GRAB
Stay tune~

Monday, 28 September 2009

Review by Fashion Clicks

Miss Arnab would like to thank Fashion Clicks for the review and the link =D
...really brightens up my Monday *wink*
Wish all my Arnab Lovers a Happy Monday...shoo all the "blues" away!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Review by Shopping Roll

Special thanks to Shopping roll for the review =D

Miss Arnab

Review by Our Beauty Diary

Miss Arnab was reviewed by her beloved buddy - Our Beauty Diary
Love ya to the max!! *kisses*

Friday, 25 September 2009

Review by Diary of an E-shopaholic & Fashionista 1001

*extract from Diary of an E-shopaholic*

*extract from Fashionista 1001*

A big thank you for the reviews from both fantastic reviewers.


Miss Arnab

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Yippee Aud

Thinking of mixing Ms. Audrey to my yip-yip style =P

Presenting you the Audrey Singlet & our "High & Low" Shorts.
Ms. Arnab likes them because I can wear it in a different ways...
Check this out!

Why it is called "High & Low Shorts"?
Besides of wearing it as a high waist shorts *like the previous picture*, you can actually lower it down a little bit as a low waist shorts as well.



This is the length of Audrey Singlet.
Even some of you can wear it as a dress~

How lovely was the detail of the singlet...
Miss Arnab personally love it a lot and that's why it was picked for all my Arnab Lovers out there *wink*

1) Audrey Singlet (Item code: ma0006B)

Material: Cotton
Size: UK6-UK10
Price: RM 29.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

2) High & Low Shorts (Item code: ma0008)
*Good Quality & Limited Design from Supplier*

Material: Cotton
Size: UK6-UK10
Price: RM55
Status: SOLD OUT

Non-restockable Items

Ohhh... a close up of the expensive looking buttons =D

Happy Shopping...Cheers~!!

Collar At My Chest

Collar went down to the chest !! XD

Miss Arnab finds it very sweet and sexy with this piece~
featuring White Studded Belt *clap clap clap*



This is how it looks without a belt

Tiny flower prints we love!!!

1) Collar At My Chest (Item code: ma0010)
Material: Cotton
Size: UK6-UK8
Price: RM45
Status: Only ONE stock available

Non-restockable Item

Review by My Kedai-Runcit

Miss Arnab is overwhelming with the wonderful review by beloved Tuan Kedai from My Kedai-Runcit
Credit for Tuan Kedai for her fantastic skills to make things happened in Miss Arnab and I HEART all the banners so much~!!

Review by A Shopaholic's Den

A big THANK YOU to "A Shopaholic's Den" for such a lovely review of Miss Arnab's Opening *happy*

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Yee-HA !

Miss Arnab is looking for some lady macho-ness *wink*
... and fading, 2nd-hand looked button shirt will do the job!

Love the "old jeans material" look *heart*


All 3 pieces available are long sleeves

Personally hand-picked by Miss Arnab
1 piece with logo and other 2 pieces with pocket in front

Up close on the logo for Faded Light Blue Yee-HA!

Up close on the pocket for Faded Green Yee-HA! & Faded Blue Yee-HA!

Quick, let's get some lady macho-ness...Yee-HA!!!

1) Faded Light Blue Yee-HA! with logo (Item code: ma0005A)
2) Faded Blue Yee-HA! with pocket (Item code: ma0005B)
3) Faded Green Yee-HA! with pocket (Item code: ma0005C)

Material: Cotton
Size: UK6-UK10
Price: RM45
Status: Faded Light Green Yee-HA! with pocket - SOLD
Faded Light Blue Yee-HA! with logo - SOLD
Faded Blue Yee-HA! with pocket - SOLD

Non-restockable Items

Lacey Classy

Miss Arnab loves this dress the MOST!!
...and now, it is out for SALE!!

2 different colors are available for you to choose



1) Black Lacey Classy (Item code: 0003A)

2) Grey Lacey Classy (Item code: ma0003B)

A close-up shot of the beautiful details

Material: Cotton
Size: Free size (UK6-UK8)
Price: RM 55
Status: Black Lacey Classy - SOLD
Grey Lacey Classy - SOLD

Non- restockable Items