Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cupid Arrow

Valentine's Day is almost around the corner
...and look!! We have the Cupid Arrow in a "twins ring" to keep you in the "love mood" in this seasons of love =D

*Golden Cupid Arrow*

the arrow is just nicely placed across two fingers

*Silver Cupid Arrow* fingers are "in love" XD

...or maybe you can wear them both like this~!! teeheehee...

we like to experiment variety ways to wear the rings =D

*Silver Cupid Arrow*

*Golden Cupid Arrow*

Cupid Arrow
*Golden* (Item code: ma0059A)
*Silver* (Item code: ma0059B )
Price: RM 15 per piece OR RM 28 for both
Status: ALL SOLD

Non-restockable Item(s)

For your reference: Measurement of Miss Arnab's fingers
Middle finger: 5.6cm
Ring finger: 5cm


Imagine wearing a row of "mini spotlights" on your fingers
okay...I know...It's only my imaginations XD

I'm trying to get your attention XD

We had the "Rainbow Spotlights"
super colorful I can say~
You gonna love all the mini colorful gemstone on the ring~
...and we had the elegant "Diamond Spotlights"
easy to go with any outfit =D
Yes...Miss Arnab loves to wear them both~!!

*Diamond Spotlights*

*Rainbow Spotlights + Diamond Spotlights*

*Diamond Spotlights*

*Rainbow Spotlights*

Diamond Spotlights (Item code: ma0060A)
Price: RM15
Status: SOLD
Rainbow Spotlights (Item code:ma0060B)
Price: RM15
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item(s)
For your reference: Measurement of Miss Arnab's fingers
Middle finger: 5.6cm
Ring finger: 5cm

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Coming Up Next: They're not TWINS

put it on your fingers on this coming Wednesday night (20/01/2010)
7pm sharp

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sherby Checkers

Miss Arnab found another checker-ish items to offer =D
I'm kinda missed the Charlie Old Checkers that we used to have last time
posing with Mr. No-Eyes-Punk-Rabbit =D

teeheehee...he likes the thick material of the dress...
comfy to hug XD

The Blue Sherby Checkers


a high waist bow =D

The Yellow Sherby Checkers
reminds me of the autumn yellowish~



The Red Sherby Checkers
love it to the max~!!


A closer look of the checkers~!!


Let's get "checkers" for a brand new year...Weeeeeee~~~!!!
Sherby Checkers
BLUE (Item code: ma0058A)
YELLOW (Item code: ma0058B)
RED (Item code: ma0058C)
Size: Free (UK6-UK8)
Price: RM 42
Blue - SOLD
Red - SOLD
Yellow - Available
Non-restockable Item(s)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Coming Up Next: Sherby Checkers

shhhh...I'm not a big bully XP
Sherby Checkers is coming up soon for grab~!!
11/01/2010 (Mon), 12.00pm Sharp

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Good Girl's Bag

If you are looking for a handy retro bag for school
Miss Arnab has something to offer =D

...I called it "The Good Girl's Bag" *wink*
There are 3 different colors available to choose~!!
Dark Brown Good Girl's Bag

perfect piece to grab if you are a retro fans
Imagine bringing this lovely retro bag to school...
your friends are going to be sooo envy about you XD

This is the Light Brown Good Girl's Bag
Love it!!

teeheehee... Mr. No-Eyes-Punk-Rabbit is a fan of this bag~

Last but not least, the Dark Blue Good Girl's Bag~!

nice~!! Go for a different color tone instead of the normal retro brownish

Are you excited already?
Now they are out for you to grab~!!
Girls...remember~ while stock last~!!

The Good Girl's Bag
Dark Brown (Item code: ma0056A)
Light Brown (Item code: ma0056B)
Dark Blue (Item code: ma0056C)

Price: RM59.90 (Free Poslaju)
Dark Blue - SOLD
Dark Brown - Available
Light Brown - Available

Non-restockable Item(s)

Leopardy Girls

Miss Arnab is going to grab some attention in school in this brand new year... ... my crush's attention *shhh....*
...and this shall be my solution~
a leopard print bag~!! XD

big enough to throw everything inside...
a lot of snack foods~! XD

*Close up*
Love the soft fur~

I have another darker color leopard print bag to offer
check this out~!
Lovely...looks glam isn't it

It also goes well with a "nerdy" look *wink*

gaaahhhh... I love this so much~!!
and I knew you will gonna love this too =)

*Close up*

Come and have one for your own~!!
go go leopard girls XD

Leopardy Girls
Light Leopardy (Item code: ma0057A)
Dark Leopardy (Item code: ma0057B)
Price: RM49.90 (Free Poslaju)
Leopardy Girl *Light* = Available
Leopardy Girl *Dark* = Available