Sunday, 7 March 2010

Notice: Miss Arnab is on Twitter~!!

Miss Arnab is on Twitter now~!!
I'm a "Onegaishimasu"
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Saturday, 6 March 2010

2 Bags - The B & The W

Miss Arnab thought it was a really sophisticated bag
absolutely gorgeous with the snake prints and the goldy lock =D

*Close up*
size is pretty handy to fit in your wallet, handphones, mirror, tissue...blah blah blah =P

aahhh...we also have a white one here~
elegant I would say~

The strap is adjustable, so no worries about that =)

aawww....I loveeeee ~~~

The B Bag (Item code: ma0061A)
Price: RM49.90 *free poslaju*
Status: SOLD

The W Bag (Item code: ma0061B)
Price: RM49.90 *free poslaju*
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

The Bloody Beanie

Miss Arnab always wanted a knitted beanie with big fluffy ball attached on it
and now she found the perfect one for all her Arnab Lovers to grab~! =D
Guarantee in good thick quality *wink*

* The little threads that stuck out from the fluffy ball are actually in silver color*

Go get it girls~!!

The Bloody Beanie (Item code: ma0062)
Color: White
Material: Knitted
Price: RM39.90
Status: Reserve for She_von

Non-restockable Item

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Coming Up Next: 2 Bags and a bloody Beanie

Miss Arnab is back~!!
with 2 Bags and a bloody Beanie...
Stay tune [[ 06/03/2010 (SAT) ]]
*Update* release time = 12.00pm