Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Review by The Luxurious Fashionista

Miss Arnab was reviewed by The Luxurious Fashionista
A big thank you to Miss TLF for the lovely review on Miss Arnab's previous hairbands and up coming hairbands collection... *phewwitt*

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It's the gossip girl thing... Stay tune =D

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Oldskool Jack

Taahaahaa... just for fun XD

Okay...get back to business = ="
Mr. No-Eye-Punk-Rabbit just rang me minutes ago...and we are going for a Baseball Game~!!
hmmm... no worries, I got it all solved~!! *grin*

An Oldskool Jack baseball jacket will do!!

You gonna love this, I swear~!!

We have wording at the back and the front~

...and a LOGO at the side!!! *gasp*

Now tell me, how often will you see a girl with this kind of jacket?!
Wear it like a boy and your boyfriend is gonna love it!! XD

Oldskool Jack (Item code: ma0036)
Price: RM42
Status: SOLD

For restock, kindly drop Miss Arnab an email for further arrangment

It's Milky

Miss Arnab wanted to show Mr. No-Eye-Punk Rabbit that she can be a real LADY~
Gonna win his heart with the lovely milky lace

teeheehee... our bunny boy loves it too~

Lovely~!! *awWww*

Close up on the lace... goes well with our Brownie Richie belt (which is still available...kindly refer to previous post)

Here you go...GRAB IT~!!

It's Milky (Item code: ma0038)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

For restock, kindly drop an email to Miss Arnab for further arrangement

The New Yorker

Mr. No-Eye-Punk-Rabbit wanted to spend Miss Arnab a drink tonight XD
and we are heading somewhere around the town~!!

hmm...what do you think?!
some urban sexy-ness will do,right?! =D

It's like a lot of newspaper cutting printed on a dress...
Love it!!

Zipper, we know you love it too =)

DETAIL~!! a BOOT zipper~!!
How does it sounds like?! *fancy*

The New Yorker (Item code: ma0037)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

Miss wearing Specs

After the overwhelming responds of our Audrey Singlet, here comes another lovely singlet for you to grab~!!

We know you love the details of this piece - the Pink "MISS" *wink*

Woot Woot...get it, girls~!!!
*Mr. No-Eye-Punk-Rabbit loves the comfy material, thought it will be nice for a casual date =D*

Ohhh...Miss Arnab is wearing a specs X/
How about a singlet with "specs on" to hip up the style?!



Long enough for you to style up in different style...

...and this is a "V neck" cut singlet~!!

MISS (Item code: ma0006A)
Price: RM29.90
Status: SOLD

She is wearing a SPECS (Item code: ma0006C)
Price: RM29.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item(s)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Coming Up Next: A Date With Mr. No-Eye-Punk-Rabbit

Gosh... what will I wear for a date??!!
Stay tune~

Review by My Sale Hunter & Detailed Wears

A surprising review by Detailed Wears =D
Another surprising review by My Sale Hunter =)
Thank you so much for both reviewers...I'm truly over-whelming *happy*

Monday, 19 October 2009

Review by The Spoilt Brat

Thanks to "The Spoilt Brat" for the lovely review =D

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I'm not a Playboy Bunny (White)

Yoohoo...we are selling adorable bunny set here in Miss Arnab!!!
It will always be my dream to collect all the lovely bunny items as I'm truly a fan of bunny XD
To share my love to all my dearest Arnab Lovers, the quality of the bunny sets picked are definitely good =)
*woot* fluffy~~
It comes with a fluffy bow tie and a fluffy tail

What are you waiting for?
Let's *HOP* on a Halloween Night~!!

I'm not a Playboy Bunny (White) (Item code: ma0028A)
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Items

I'm not a Playboy Bunny (Black)

Besides of the conventional white bunny set, Miss Arnab also offers you the BLACK bunny set...we like to make things different sometimes ;)Miss Arnab loves the quality a lot =D
Bunny ears is bendable too~

It comes with fluffy black bow tie and tail~!!

I'm not a Playboy Bunny (Black) (Item code: ma0028B)
Price: RM25
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Items

White Tiny Bunn Bunn innocent... *melt*We go for TINY ears to boost the cute-ness to the max!!
plan to be very "innocent" on a Halloween Night to get your wolf wolf's attention?!

Get yourself a pair of these cute bunny ears hairclips!!

White Tiny Bunn Bunn (Item code: ma0026A)
Price: RM14.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Items

Black Tiny Bunn Bunn

Wuuhuu...looking great in that black tiny bunny ears XD

Let's go for BLACK instead of white *heart*
Love this pair so much~!!
but Miss Arnab is not keeping them herself =((
She is letting go for all her beloved Arnab Lovers to grab!!

Make them yours, honey~!

Black Tiny Bunn Bunn (Item code: ma0026B)
Price: RM14.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Items

Bad Bad Devil

Mr. No-Eyes-Punk-Rabbit go evil with ice cream...yum yum~ ;)
you can be as naughty as you can to celebrate your Halloween Night
whether you want it to be cute devil or the sexy one XD
Both are hairclips that you can actually adjust how to place it as you like

Bad Bad Devil (Item code: ma0027)
Price: RM14.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Items

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Good News !!

As an appreciation given back to all the Arnab Lovers who supported Miss Arnab, we decided to give out 10% discount on total bill as a birthday gift on your birthday month~!!!

How will you entitled to Miss Arnab Bunn-thday Reward?
Very easy!! You just need to purchase once in Miss Arnab, automatically you are entitle to enjoy the 10% discount on total bill during your birthday month!!

To make things easier, you MUST fill up the Purchase Order Form provided in the blog when you purchase just for Miss Arnab's tracking purposes. At least to provide the date & month of your birthday so we can send you the birthday reward voucher code during your birthday month.

For those who used to purchase in Miss Arnab, no are automatically in our list,k? =D

If you have any enquiries about Miss Arnab Bunn-thday Reward, just feel free and give me an email at
Happy shopping...cheers~!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Coming Up Next: I Don't Freak Out On A Halloween Night

Will you freak out on a Halloween Night?
Stay tune... =D