Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Little Adventure...The Indiana Jones Girl

Miss Arnab is going for a safari adventure~!! XD
The best jumpsuit with fine quality that Miss Arnab ever found~

woohuuu~!! pair it up with my beloved leopard scarf
teeheehee... XD

It will also looked good with a long legging
Tied up a high bun and put on your fav. headband...
wear your snickers or flat shoes~ and off you go for a day outing with your besties *wink*

Guarantee you will love this piece ;D

*details : buttons*

The Indiana Jones Girl (Item code: ma0011)
Price: RM45

Non-restockable Item(s)

A Little Blue...Paper Doll

Can't get enough of doll-ish dress =D

...and this dress goes well with a clutcher too


Awww...Miss Arnab loves the knitted lace shoulder~

Miss Arnab personal recommendation~!!
This color will makes you looked slimmmmm~!!!! XD

Paper Doll *Blue* (Item code:ma0041A)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

A Little White...Paper Doll

We are bringing you an "awfully" sweet dress to charm your love ones~ =D
and Miss Arnab thought it is a good choice to wear it to a friend's wedding celebration~


knitted lace~!! yay~!!

How would you resist such a beautiful details *wink*

Paper Doll *White* (Item code: ma0041B)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD
If you wish to restock, please drop me an email,k? ^ ^

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Coming Up Next: A Little...

Mini update this week: A Little...
28/11/2009 (SAT), 12:00pm sharp

Stay tune, girls~

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Miss Arnab would love to be a Gentle-Lady on a casual outing with friends XD
It's another Miss Arnab's "all-time-favourite" faded blue jeans like long top...yay!
what makes it awesome is that the top comes together with it's accessories!!

1) Cute Black & White Polka Dots Bow Necklace

2) Extension *only at the front part*


Love it =D

What a shame it only left one piece from the supplier =/
*I want this so much~!!*
GentleLady (Item code:ma0043)
Material: Cotton
Price: RM39.90
Status: SOLD
Non-restockable Item

I Just Broke A Record

Long singlet match with a long strippy vest!
woot~! Love this casual look~!! the wash out kinda wording on the singlet *thumbs up*

Besides of the soft yellow we have above, grey color is another options for you to choose ^ ^

*close up*



How good it is to have it in 2 pieces with only the price of one piece~!!

Miss Arnab personally loves the soft material of this singlet~!! ^ ^

I Just Broke A Record
*Yellow* (Item code: ma0048A)
*Grey* (Item code:ma0048B)
Price: RM42

Checkers Old Charlie

Arghh~!! I'm so in love with this jacket~!!
it goes well with casual look easily...with long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless~!!
simply match it up with a long singlet...
Fab~!! XD

Side pockets~

*with fluffy cap*

*close up*

*cap is removable*
how good is this~!!

We have two colors for you to choose~!!
Blue Red Checkers Old Charlie (Item code:ma0047A)
Price: RM39.90
Status: SOLD

Orangy Blue Checkers Old Charlie (Item code: ma0047B)
Price: RM39.90
Status: Available

Restock is possible!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Coming Up Next: A Casual Escape to Chocolate Island

A Casual Escape to Chocolate Island
Coming soon on 21/11/2009 (Sat), 12.00pm

Monday, 16 November 2009

Review by

Woot woot... Miss Arnab was spotted in =D
Thank you~!! MuahhhHHHhh

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Teacher Arnab

Something special for a normal working day =D

Miss Arnab thought it was elegant enough for the bosses to love this piece ;D


*close up*

You can tighten up the waist line with the black ribbon or even take it out to replace it with a matching belt =D

Teacher Arnab (Item code: ma0046)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

Mr. Wolfie's Secretary *White*

Wuuuhuuu... I think Mr. Wolfie will gonna like this XD

It's going to be a happy meeting later =P

Babes...the red belt is INCLUDED~!!
Grab it to swap away your Monday Blue~!! yay~!!

Mr. Wolfie's Secretary (Item code: ma0044A)
Price: RM 45
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item