Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chocolate Chips

Dotted Dotted Dotted...just like chocolate chips XD

Check out what we have at the back~ wuuhuu...

Besides of the white with brown dots...we also have the black with red dots~!
which one do you like? =D

You gotta love this sexy back I tell you XD

Come and grab your own Chocolate Chips~!!

Chocolate Chips
(Item code: *White* ma0053A & *Black* ma0053B)
Price: RM 40
White - Reserve for Kelly until 18/03/2010
Black - SOLD

Non- Restockable Item(s)

It's Milky... is back for Christmas~!

We just can't get enough of "It's Milky"
and now they are back in Miss Arnab...and with different colors~!!! *gasp*


This is the previous "It's Milky" that we used to have =)

*NEW* It's Milky White


*NEW* It's Milky Black

...and we always love the details of this dress =D

It's Milky (Item code: ma0055A)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

It's Milky White (Item code: ma0055B)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD

It's Milky Black (Item code: ma0055C)
Price: RM45
Status: SOLD
Non-restockable Item(s)

Black Lover

Going out for a Christmas Eve date?
I have one suggestion for you *wink*

I swear you gonna love this =D


Miss Arnab loves ruffles XD

Black Lover (Item code: ma0054)
Price: RM40
Status: SOLD

Non- Restockable Item

Friday, 18 December 2009

Coming Up Next: Santa left his present bag...

Check out what is in Santa's present bag on this coming Saturday =D
12.00pm sharp, 19/12/2009

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Love Struck

Miss Arnab was love struck ...

with the goldy headband =D
Simple but elegant...
it goes well with my high bun~!!

when you have a gold one to keep in your accessories list, why not adding in a silver one XD

awww....I love it so much with the bun XD

Wear it both~!!

nice =)



Love Struck ( *Gold* ma0051A & *Silver* ma0051B)
Price: RM 8.90 each
OFFER: buy 2 and it will only cost you RM17 ~!!
Status: ALL SOLD

Green Beetle Bow

Blink blink green beetle bow on my head XD

It was a solid 3D bow I call it...teeheehee...

from the side~

a closer can actually see the "blink blink" reflection on the board~!!
How cute was that~

Green Beetle Bow (Item code: ma0052)
Price: RM12.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

Pinky Starlet

Miss Arnab is glad to find such a lovely headband to offer for all her Arnab Lovers =D
feminine to the MAX~!!

Can't help falling in love with the details~ =D

Good news is can grab and wear it in this Christmas~ XD
Bad news is... supplier only left one piece...which means it is non-restockable item =((

I can hear people "Awwww"-ing in front of the monitor screen...
Get it while it was still availble~!!

Pinky Starlet (Item code: ma0050)
Price: RM12.90
Status: SOLD

Non-restockable Item

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Coming Up Next: Love Whispers

Love whispers in Miss Arnab on 12/12/2009 (Saturday)
12pm sharp

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ducky Old Short Jeans

Never get enough of Faded Jeans...
It's the "Miss Arnab's All-Time-Favourite" thingy XD
...and I think Mr. No-Eye-Punk-Rabbit will love it too...*wink*


*Two sizes available: M & L*

Lovely ducky and the polka dots~!! *heart*

Even the back pockets are covered with polka dots =D

We are now offering RM25 for this cutie~!!
*previous price was RM36*

Ducky Old Short Jeans
(Item code: ma0007A)
Material: Jeans
Status: SOLD
Non-restockable Item(s)

Miss Worker

Miss Arnab likes to work hard and dressed like a "worker"
A Lady "Worker" Jumpsuit


*Free: Black Color Belt
Take a closer look on the buttons...


There are 2 colors available:
1) Brown Miss Worker *up* (Item code: ma0004A)
2) Blue-ish Grey Miss Worker *down* (Item code: ma0004B)

Instead of RM48, we are now offering RM30 for you to grab~!!
How good was that...a jumpsuit with a belt~!!

Material: Thick Cotton
Size: Free size (UK6-UK8)
Brown - SOLD
Blue - Reserve for Ping Ping until 21/12/2009

Non-restockable Items (Grab it FAST!)

The Stud Family


Fabulous~!! your turn to have them~!!

Lelong Lelong~!!
the original price is RM9.90 each is RM4 each~!!

If you purchase 2 in one shot, you can get them at RM7 and if you get all the Stud Family, it will only cost you RM12 ~!!

The Stud Family (Item code please refer to the picture above)
Size: around 20 cents big

ma0021B & ma0021C & ma0021D - SOLD
ma0021A - Available

Non-restockable Item(s)

Momo Pie

Yummy peach color XD

A lovely piece for a date after work !

Small pocket at each side of the lovely checkers skirt~!!



*Belt is excluded*

Come and get this cutie pie while it's HOT~!! XD

Instead of RM42, now it is only RM32 for grab~!!

Momo Pie (Item code:ma0040)
Status: Reserve for Vivien Looi

Non-restockable Item