Monday, 11 January 2010

Sherby Checkers

Miss Arnab found another checker-ish items to offer =D
I'm kinda missed the Charlie Old Checkers that we used to have last time
posing with Mr. No-Eyes-Punk-Rabbit =D

teeheehee...he likes the thick material of the dress...
comfy to hug XD

The Blue Sherby Checkers


a high waist bow =D

The Yellow Sherby Checkers
reminds me of the autumn yellowish~



The Red Sherby Checkers
love it to the max~!!


A closer look of the checkers~!!


Let's get "checkers" for a brand new year...Weeeeeee~~~!!!
Sherby Checkers
BLUE (Item code: ma0058A)
YELLOW (Item code: ma0058B)
RED (Item code: ma0058C)
Size: Free (UK6-UK8)
Price: RM 42
Blue - SOLD
Red - SOLD
Yellow - Available
Non-restockable Item(s)