Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cupid Arrow

Valentine's Day is almost around the corner
...and look!! We have the Cupid Arrow in a "twins ring" to keep you in the "love mood" in this seasons of love =D

*Golden Cupid Arrow*

the arrow is just nicely placed across two fingers

*Silver Cupid Arrow* fingers are "in love" XD

...or maybe you can wear them both like this~!! teeheehee...

we like to experiment variety ways to wear the rings =D

*Silver Cupid Arrow*

*Golden Cupid Arrow*

Cupid Arrow
*Golden* (Item code: ma0059A)
*Silver* (Item code: ma0059B )
Price: RM 15 per piece OR RM 28 for both
Status: ALL SOLD

Non-restockable Item(s)

For your reference: Measurement of Miss Arnab's fingers
Middle finger: 5.6cm
Ring finger: 5cm